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  • Our Products | Westwin Elements

    Our Products These refined elements play a vital role in advancing technology, promoting sustainability, and supporting key industries such as energy, transportation, manufacturing and national defense. Nickel powders of different morphology, composition, and particle sizes can be produced using Westwin’s on-site pilot plant equipment after the commissioning. Many types of powders will be identical to those produced by the carbonyl method at VALE plants in Canada and the UK or other carbonyl operations. However, out of more than 20 products produced by INCO before VALE’s takeover, only 4 currently remain. All of these products can be produced by Westwin to reintroduce these products to the market. In addition, because of the operation’s size, Westin can produce product batches specifically for individual clients. ​ Other products include alloy powder comprising nickel, iron and cobalt in different compositions. Most of these powders have spherical structures, but it is also possible to produce filamentary alloy powders. Westwin plans to add alloy powder production equipment to the pilot plant before the end of 2024. The carbonyl process can also be used to deposition thin nickel coatings onto carbon fibres and other materials. Westwin can also produce metal-coated products such as nickel-coated carbon, nickel-coated glass, or ceramic powders. New equipment will have to be purchased and commissioned to produce these products. Nickel Powders Alloy Powders Nickel Coated Products Spiky Spherical Nickel Powder Composition: ​ Fisher Sub-Sieve Size Bulk Density Ni Co C Fe S O N 3.8–7.0μm 1.8–2.6g/cm3 >99.8% <0.00005% <0.075% <0.0030% <0.0002% <0.0400% <0.0050% Filamentary Nickel Powder Composition: ​ Fisher Sub-Sieve Size Bulk Density Ni Co C Fe S O N 2.2–2.8μm 0.5–0.65g/cm3 >99.7% <0.00005% <0.200% <0.0030% <0.0002% <0.0750% <0.0100% 2.0–7.0μm 2.8–3.4g/cm3 >99.8% <0.00005% <0.050% <0.0030% <0.0002% <0.0400% <0.0050% Composition: ​ Fisher Sub-Sieve Size Bulk Density Ni Co C Fe S O N Spherical Nickel Powder Low-Density Filamentary Nickel Powder Composition: ​ Fisher Sub-Sieve Size Bulk Density Ni Co C Fe S O N 1.2–2.2μm 0.2–0.4 g/cm3 >99.7% <0.00005% <0.200% <0.0030% <0.0002% <0.0750% <0.0100% Submicron Nickel Powders Composition: ​ Fisher Sub-Sieve Size Bulk Density Ni Co C Fe S O N 0.1–0.6μm 0.5–1.4 g/cm3 >99.7% <0.00005% <0.200% <0.0030% <0.0002% <0.0750% <0.0100% Product Applications Nickel ​A key component in batteries, alloys, and electronic devices, our nickel products meet the stringent requirements of diverse industries. ​ Alloys and superalloys Specialty chemicals High quality stainless steel CAM/PCAM Cobalt Essential for rechargeable batteries, superalloys, and medical applications, our cobalt products are produced with precision and purity. ​ Permanent magnets Advanced high strength steel Alloy steel Cemented carbines Ni coated carbon fibers Ni coated graphite Armor plating Batteries / energy storage systems Manganese ​With applications in steel production, batteries, and agriculture, our manganese products contribute to the growth of multiple sectors. ​ ​ Turbine Blades Jet engines components Aviation parts / spares Ground Combat Systems Missile Systems Unmanned Aircraft Armored vehicles Portable electric devices

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    Contact Us Address 210 PARK AVENUE OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73102 Contact Career inquiries: r ​ Investor inquiries: ​ Sales inquiries: s ​ Media inquiries: m Get In Touch First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting!

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    America's First Major Nickel, Cobalt, and Manganese Refinery WHO WE ARE Introducing Westwin Elements, the pioneering force behind America's first major nickel, cobalt, and manganese refinery to solve America’s critical minerals crisis: a crisis of foreign entity of concern dependency, ESG violations, and forecasted global deficits. The carbonyl process, utilized by Westwin, has been in use for more than a century and is a proven, clean process to yield high purity nickel products. By inputting mixed hydroxide precipitate as our preferred feed, we refine high purity nickel metal and extract cobalt and manganese from carbonyl residues using an SX-EW circuit. Additionally, Westwin's dissolution circuit will allow product optionality by producing nickel sulfate, a salt used in lithium-ion batteries, often used in electric vehicles. ​ We stand as the nation's only refinery dedicated to emphasizing not only excellence in production but a profound commitment to environmental stewardship, community engagement, and national energy independence & security.

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    Health & Safety How do we manage risk and leaks? The plant is under negative pressure Air flows into the building and only flows out through the ventilation 3 fans are present. All on emergency power. We monitor the air quality constantly within the building Carbonyl monitors; specialized equipment able to consistently identify 1 part per billion of nickel carbonyl. Carbon monoxide alarms, area mounted and personal Once a leak has been detected all building ventilation is redirected to a thermal oxidizer AEGLs represent threshold exposure limits for the general public and are applicable to emergency exposure periods ranging from 10 minutes (min) to 8 hours (h). AEGL-2 and AEGL-3 levels, and AEGL-1 levels as appropriate, will be developed for each of five exposure periods (10 min, 30 min, 1 h, 4 h, and 8 h) and will be distinguished by varying degrees of severity of toxic effects. It is believed that the recommended exposure levels are applicable to the general population, including infants and children and other individuals who may be sensitive and susceptible. The three AEGLs have been defined as follows: ​ AEGL-1 is the airborne concentration (expressed as parts per million [ppm] or milligrams per cubic meter [mg/m3]) of a substance above which it is predicted that the general population, including susceptible individuals, could experience notable discomfort, irritation, or certain asymptomatic nonsensory effects. However, the effects are not disabling and are transient and reversible upon cessation of exposure. ​ AEGL-2 is the airborne concentration (expressed as ppm or mg/m3) of a substance above which it is predicted that the general population, including susceptible individuals, could experience irreversible or other serious, long-lasting adverse health effects, or an impaired ability to escape. ​ AEGL-3 is the airborne concentration (expressed as ppm or mg/m3) of a substance above which it is predicted that the general population, including susceptible individuals, could experience life-threatening health effects or death. Implementing over 150yrs experience into our safeguards All Hazardous Chemicals at the Plant are Governed by OSHA's HazCom standard. Hazcom is OSHA's Hazardous Communication Standard Safety Data Sheets Safe handling and disposal of material Identification of physical and health hazards ​ Make note that Westwin is NOT mining/milling/smelting. We are only refining purchased feed.

  • Our Commitments | Westwin Elements

    Our Pilot Plant Commitments Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Dedication to transparency, responsibility, and community engagement. Prioritizing environmental stewardship through third-party monitoring of air, water, solid wastes, and effluents. Regular audits for accountability, with publicly accessible results. Supply Chain Excellence Stringent standards for supply chain partners. Regular certification and verification processes aligned with Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) guidelines. Facility Engineering and Compliance Commitment to facility engineering that ensures continuous monitoring and adherence to environmental, health, and safety requirements. In-depth outlines of infrastructure, operational resources, and procedures both within and beyond the facility. Transparent Annual Operations Reports Paramount commitment to keeping the community well-informed. Detailed annual operational reports covering plant function, performance metrics, feedstock, output product totals, and storage excesses. Totalized consumption data for power, water, and other community-provided services. Public Outreach and Education Dedication beyond reporting, including a public outreach program. Community education on the facility's significance and functions. Collaborations with local educational and vocational institutions for a public-private partnership, cultivating skilled human resources. Proactive Environmental Leadership Owners take a proactive stance on environmental issues beyond direct operations. Initiatives to elevate community participation and awareness. Commitment to contribute positively to local environmental and health concerns, showcasing responsibility as corporate citizens and stewards of communities served.

  • Our Process | Westwin Elements

    Our Process At Westwin Elements, our innovative and environmentally conscious carbonyl refining process, proves our commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management. Key Differentiators Lower operational costs Product flexibility Diverse feed inputs More than 200 years of combined carbonyl experience at Westwin Elements Lower environmental impact High purity products Environmental Compliance Reduced Energy Consumption Zero Waste Generation Closed-Loop System Greenhouse Gas Reduction Comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting: Reduced Energy Consumption The carbonyl refining process is known for its energy efficiency, requiring less energy compared to traditional methods. This directly contributes to a reduction in our carbon footprint and promotes energy conservation. Pilot Plant Process Carbonyl Process Fact Sheet​ ​ CO Emissions for Pilot Plant and estimations for commercial scale Pilot Scale Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions are below the Oklahoma minor source emissions level for potential to emit CO is combusted to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the thermal oxidizer. All process streams of CO pass through the thermal oxidizer before exiting the plant. Commercial Scale CO emissions are heavily monitored and controlled through multiple redundant thermal oxidizers and flare stacks. CO is recycled and purified with expected recycle rates of ~95%. The remaining 5% of CO is neutralized through the thermal oxidizer or a flare stack before being emitted as carbon dioxide. CO is generated and purified on site. ​ Waste Streams (no solid waste for Pilot, minimal waste for dissolution) Pilot No solid waste Minor gaseous waste from thermal oxidizer, mostly CO2 - As defined by the Applicability Determination from ODEQ the total potential effect of the pilot plant on the local environment is classified as a minor source. Solid residue to be bagged and sold/ stored No process liquid waste Commercial Carbonyl Solid residue to be bagged and sold/stored Minor gaseous waste from thermal oxidizer, mostly CO2 No process liquid waste Commercial Dissolution Liquid waste stream to be handled by on site water treatment to align with ODEQ Solid waste contained in liquid stream handled by same treatment facility Summary of Wood and Trade-Off studies The carbonyl process has a higher CAPEX, lower OPEX, and higher gross profit compared to traditional hydromet options. The carbonyl process is more flexible (multiple feeds, multiple high purity and value add products: The value add is in specialty products, nickel powder with specific morphology or purity for customers, they pay above standard due to requiring difficult specifications only achievable through carbonyl.

  • Advisory Board | Westwin Elements

    Advisory Board INTRODUCING THE WESTWIN ADVISORY & GOVERNANCE BOARD T.W. Shannon Chairman of the Advisory Board Learn More John Wonnacott Senior Advisor Learn More MG (Ret.) Christopher J. Sharpsten Advisor Learn More John W. Loudon Advisor Learn More Anton Posner Advisor Learn More Nick Bright Advisor Learn More Kyle Jones Advisor Learn More David Anderson Advisor Learn More Kara Cochran Advisor Learn More Governance Board INTRODUCING THE WESTWIN GOVERNANCE BOARD Nick Merkley Governance Committee Member Learn More Kyle Jones Governance Committee Member Learn More Kyle McGraw Governance Committee Member Learn More Dalene Fisher Governance Committee Member Learn More

  • Press

    Westwin 2024 Press Release Westwin Elements Signs Memorandum of Understanding with University of Oklahoma to Advance Research and Development in Critical Minerals Refining Read More Follow Us Stay connected and catch the latest updates by following us on social media Press Let’s show how we are different: KaLeigh Long "Battery-grade material demand continues to grow, and while most countries are ahead in the race, the US appears to lag. KaLeigh Long, CEO of Westwin Elements, aims to change this perception and make a global impact through her work in the industry. Huban Kasimi explores Long’s journey and her views on the industry as part of the Davis Index Women in Recycling series." Read More A millennial is building America’s first nickel-cobalt refinery "KaLeigh Long believed there had to be an American fix. As an Oklahoman working on political campaigns in the Democratic Republic of Congo she saw all too closely the bloodiness of the critical-mineral trade. Militias killed her flatmate’s siblings, burnt homes on resource-rich land and forced children to dig in the mines—as Chinese companies tolerated the abuses." Read More Westwin preparing to launch federal permitting process for refinery "Westwin Elements has treatment-related permits it needs for its pilot plant and is preparing to launch the process necessary for permitting its commercial refinery." Read More Meet and greet with Westwin Elements looks to answer community questions about refinery “You know, initially, I was approached by another party that had come to me, telling me about this plant that’s coming in and how dangerous it’s going to be and how poisonous everything is going to be,” said community member, Jim Roach. “A lot of the problems I’m seeing out there is fear. Fear is a result of the unknown. If they’ll educate themselves and learn more about it, then they’ll realize the reality of it and it’s not nearly what they thought it was.” Read More Founder on how the idea for a refinery originated “We do business the right way. We don’t poison rivers, we don’t enslave children. Something as everyday as your cellphone, somewhere in that supply chain there was likely severe human rights abuses in that. This is a solvency to those human rights abuses, what we’re doing at Westwin.” Read More America’s Only Cobalt and Nickel Refinery Breaks Ground "At the highest level, it’s a promising sign that a project such as this has found many of the right supporters — business leaders, the Oklahoma governor, and executives (such as former Rio Tinto CEO Tom Albanese) in the minerals space" Read More Cobalt-nickel refinery in Lawton, billed as bastion against China, on a fast track "As we break new ground, both literally and figuratively, we are excited about the future that lies ahead. Together, we're forging a path towards reducing reliance on foreign sources for raw materials, while also contributing to the prosperity of the Oklahoma community.” Read More Groundbreaking marks start of Westwin’s plans to build a refinery in Lawton “Community leaders gathered in an open field in southwest Lawton Tuesday to break ground for the nation’s first nickel-cobalt refinery.” Read More Former Boeing CEO is "all in" on Bartlesville start up “Former Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg told a group of supporters and potential investors at Oklahoma State University's Hamm Institute for American Energy that he is "all in" on Bartlesville start-up company, Westwin Elements.” Read More Western resource nationalism policies signal cobalt investment opportunities "Refining capacity is the first [aspect] that investment needs to go into, because it’s the quickest de-risked approach to meeting policy targets,” - KaLeigh Long Read More Westwin Elements to Build Only Refinery for Nickel and Cobalt in the US “Westwin Elements has secured $5.4 million in Series A investment and pre-approval from a private lender to fund the construction of the only refinery for nickel and cobalt in the United States. The refinery will supply crucial sectors of the US economy and military with superalloys for aerospace, lithium-ion batteries for transportation, and cemented carbides for manufacturing.” Read More

  • Executive Team | Westwin Elements

    Executive Team INTRODUCING THE WESTWIN EXECUTIVE TEAM KaLeigh Long Founder / Chief Executive Officer Board Member Learn More Ricardo Morales Chief Commercial Officer ​ ​ Learn More Michael Cox Chairman of Board's Technical Committee Board Member Learn More Mark Ott Managing Principal Board Member Learn More Dmitri Terekhov Chief Technical Officer ​ Learn More Kacey Butcher Chief Financial Officer Learn More Micah Sartin Chief Development Officer Learn More Jeannie Bowden Chief Sustainability Officer Learn More John Shelegey Vice President of Engineering Learn More Kelli Masters General Counsel ​ Learn More

  • ESG | Westwin Elements

    Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Enviromental Emissions Estimated: 66 mtpy (pilot) Estimated: 366 mtpy (commercial) No Solid Waste for pilot Minimal waste for commercial Recycling CO Circular Economy Black Mass Social Future preferred feedstock sources are reviewed by RMI (Responsible Minerals Initiative) Joint due diligence standard for nickel Traceable Supply Chains Preferred feedstock will be sourced from mines independently audited against the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining. As we are currently under construction, we are not yet sourcing materials. However, it is our intention to transition towards sourcing metals from IRMA audited mines once operational, reflecting our commitment to responsible and sustainable procurement practices from the outset. Governance IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) Compliant Currently, no FEOC (Foreign Entity of Concern) in supply chain Majority Employee Owned Goal to include all future employees as shareholders

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