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Westwin’s refinery will use nickel carbonyl refining and cobalt solvent extraction–electrowinning, which are the most environmentally friendly, commercially proven processes to produce refined nickel and cobalt. Our USA-made products have high purity, consistent quality, and uniform shape. Notably, our products are competitively priced with foreign sources, can be tailored to customer specifications, and will help companies qualify for US government contracts and electric vehicle tax credits.

Westwin Elements will produce nickel metal (e.g., nickel powder) and cobalt metal (e.g., cobalt rounds) used in superalloys for jet engines, stainless steel for industrial machinery, and precursor salts for lithium-ion batteries.

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Westwin Elements will produce nickel salt (e.g., nickel sulfate) and cobalt salt (e.g., cobalt sulfate) used in precursor for lithium-ion batteries, plating for equipment parts, and catalysts for petroleum refining.

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