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Jeannie Bowden

Chief Project Officer

Jeannie Bowden is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in project management, economic development, and government affairs. Her keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills drive her success in scheduling and follow-up. Jeannie is renowned for her ability to forge partnerships that propel progress in business and community domains. She excels in both written and verbal communication, demonstrating prowess in report writing and public speaking.

In her role as Projects & Operations Manager at Lawton-Fort Sill Economic Development Corporation (2020 - 2023), Jeannie spearheaded proposal preparation, conducted industry research, and facilitated communication with prospective companies seeking new site locations. Prior to this, as a Business & Industry Specialist at Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation (2010 - 2020), she supported local businesses with Business Retention & Expansion initiatives, engaged with prospective companies in search of new locations, and pioneered a collaborative Business and Education program for workforce development. Jeannie's contributions extended to memberships in various state and regional economic development organizations, demonstrating her commitment to advancing business and community progress.

Jeannie Bowden
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