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Gary Glasscock

Member of the Board

Gary M. Glasscock serves as a board member for Westin Elements, Inc. He has been active in the oil and gas industry since June 1976. He started his career with Gulf Oil and later worked for Pennzoil. He became an independent oil and gas operator in 1980 and his companies include TGAAR Properties Inc., Stagg Investment Group Inc., GRB Properties, Miranda Oil and Gas, and Shiloh Exploration. He also has owned and operated a sand fracturing business and an oil and gas refinery. Gary initiated many of these companies with his good friend and partner, Randy Prude, over the last 40 years. 

Gary has enjoyed a second successful career in commercial real estate. He has a passion and a talent for buying, renovating, designing, and bringing back to life deserted, forgotten office buildings. He currently owns and manages 27 office buildings in Midland, Texas. Over the last 30 years Gary has owned over 2 million square feet of property including shopping malls, doctors' offices, strip shopping centers, apartments, and high-rise office buildings throughout West Texas. 

Mr. Glasscock graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1976 with business degrees in Marketing and Management. He fell in love with West Texas and made Midland, Texas his home for 45 years. He serves on the executive board for Downtown Midland Development which strives to bring new small businesses to Midland. He is very involved as a teacher, group leader, and overseer of a charitable donations committee at Golf Course Road Church of Christ. 

Gary has been married 46 years and has been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters and 8 wonderful grandchildren.

Gary Glasscock
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