Who We Are

The Westwin Executive Team discusses the importance of rare earth minerals and how Westwin Elements is solving America's Cobalt problems.

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Investor Projections

COO Ryan Jones takes you through the investor projections document and discusses projections.

Why Idaho Could Take Down The Communist Party of China

China is dominating cobalt production around the world. But there's one U.S. State that could challenge the CCP's control over the market.

Our Partner CVMR

CVMR Corporation ("CVMR®") is a privately held company, engaged in mining, metal refining and vapour metallurgy process development. It produces nickel, cobalt, iron and other powders in various sizes and morphologies. CVMR®'s nano metal powders are used by various manufacturers in North America, Europe and the Far East. CVMR® has extensive investments in fully-integrated nickel, PGM and cobalt assets worldwide. Its zirconium, niobium, tantalum, titanium and PGM refining technologies, analogous to those of nickel and cobalt refining, are unique, environmentally neutral and cost effective.

Our Process

See our process with CVMR in action.