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America's First Major Nickel Refinery


Introducing Westwin Elements, the pioneering force behind America's first major nickel refinery to solve America’s critical minerals crisis: a crisis of foreign entity of concern dependency, ESG violations, and forecasted global deficits.

The carbonyl process, utilized by Westwin, has been in use for more than a century and is a proven, clean process to yield high purity nickel products. By inputting mixed hydroxide precipitate as our preferred feed, we refine high purity nickel metal and extract cobalt and manganese from carbonyl residues using an SX-EW circuit. Additionally, Westwin's dissolution circuit will allow product optionality by producing nickel sulfate, a salt used in lithium-ion batteries, often used in electric vehicles.

We stand as the nation's only refinery dedicated to emphasizing not only excellence in production but a profound commitment to environmental stewardship, community engagement, and national energy independence & security. 

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