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Former Boeing CEO is "all in" on Bartlesville start up

Former Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg told a group of supporters and potential investors at Oklahoma State University's Hamm Institute for American Energy that he is "all in" on Bartlesville start-up company, Westwin Elements.


Nation’s only refinery for cobalt and nickel to be built in Lawton

Former Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg is among Westwin’s Series A investors and is a member of the Westwin Board. Westwin Elements Founder and CEO KaLeigh Long aims to make a major national security, energy, and economic impact in the USA by building America’s only major critical metals refinery.


Combination of factors made Lawton attractive for new refinery, CEO says

Westwin Elements CEO KaLeigh Long, whose Oklahoma roots begin in Bartlesville, said she deliberately selected Lawton for that plant.


Westwin Elements to Build Only Refinery for Nickel and Cobalt in the US

Westwin Elements has secured $5.4 million in Series A investment and pre-approval from a private lender to fund the construction of the only refinery for nickel and cobalt in the United States. The refinery will supply crucial sectors of the US economy and military with superalloys for aerospace, lithium-ion batteries for transportation, and cemented carbides for manufacturing.

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