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CISA Press Release

Westwin Elements has been accepted into the Critical Manufacturing Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). This membership positions Westwin as a key player in national security and resilience efforts for critical manufacturing facilities across the United States.

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KaLeigh Long on Leadership and Innovation: Listen to the This is Oklahoma Podcast Interview!

Westwin CEO, KaLeigh Long, recently sat down for an inspiring interview with the This is Oklahoma podcast! Tune in to hear KaLeigh share her insights on leadership, innovation, and the future of the industry. You won't want to miss this engaging conversation!

Stay connected and listen to the full interview now!

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Let’s show how we are different: KaLeigh Long

"Battery-grade material demand continues to grow, and while most countries are ahead in the race, the US appears to lag. KaLeigh Long, CEO of Westwin Elements, aims to change this perception and make a global impact through her work in the industry. Huban Kasimi explores Long’s journey and her views on the industry as part of the Davis Index Women in Recycling series."

A millennial is building America’s first nickel-cobalt refinery

"KaLeigh Long believed there had to be an American fix. As an Oklahoman working on political campaigns in the Democratic Republic of Congo she saw all too closely the bloodiness of the critical-mineral trade. Militias killed her flatmate’s siblings, burnt homes on resource-rich land and forced children to dig in the mines—as Chinese companies tolerated the abuses."

America's first Nickel-Cobalt refinery.webp
The Lawton Constitution

Westwin preparing to launch federal permitting process for refinery

"Westwin Elements has treatment-related permits it needs for its demonstration plant and is preparing to launch the process necessary for permitting its commercial refinery."

Meet and greet with Westwin Elements looks to answer community questions about refinery

“You know, initially, I was approached by another party that had come to me, telling me about this plant that’s coming in and how dangerous it’s going to be and how poisonous everything is going to be,” said community member, Jim Roach. “A lot of the problems I’m seeing out there is fear. Fear is a result of the unknown. If they’ll educate themselves and learn more about it, then they’ll realize the reality of it and it’s not nearly what they thought it was.”


Founder on how the idea for a refinery originated

“We do business the right way. We don’t poison rivers, we don’t enslave children. Something as everyday as your cellphone, somewhere in that supply chain there was likely severe human rights abuses in that. This is a solvency to those human rights abuses, what we’re doing at Westwin.”

America’s Only Cobalt and Nickel Refinery Breaks Ground

"At the highest level, it’s a promising sign that a project such as this has found many of the right supporters — business leaders, the Oklahoma governor, and executives (such as former Rio Tinto CEO Tom Albanese) in the minerals space"

Groundbreaking Photo at Site.jpg

Cobalt-nickel refinery in Lawton, billed as bastion against China, on a fast track

"As we break new ground, both literally and figuratively, we are excited about the future that lies ahead. Together, we're forging a path towards reducing reliance on foreign sources for raw materials, while also contributing to the prosperity of the Oklahoma community.”

Groundbreaking marks start of Westwin’s plans to build a refinery in Lawton

“Community leaders gathered in an open field in southwest Lawton Tuesday to break ground for the nation’s first nickel-cobalt refinery.”


Former Boeing CEO is "all in" on Bartlesville start up

“Former Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg told a group of supporters and potential investors at Oklahoma State University's Hamm Institute for American Energy that he is "all in" on Bartlesville start-up company, Westwin Elements.”

Western resource nationalism policies signal cobalt investment opportunities

"Refining capacity is the first [aspect] that investment needs to go into, because it’s the quickest de-risked approach to meeting policy targets,” - KaLeigh Long

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Westwin Elements to Build Only Refinery for Nickel and Cobalt in the US

“Westwin Elements has secured $5.4 million in Series A investment and pre-approval from a private lender to fund the construction of the only refinery for nickel and cobalt in the United States. The refinery will supply crucial sectors of the US economy and military with superalloys for aerospace, lithium-ion batteries for transportation, and cemented carbides for manufacturing.”

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