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Our Pilot Plant Commitments

Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring

  • Dedication to transparency, responsibility, and community engagement. 

  • Prioritizing environmental stewardship through third-party monitoring of air, water, solid wastes, and effluents. 

  • Regular audits for accountability, with publicly accessible results.

Warehouse Shelves from Above

Supply Chain Excellence

  • Stringent standards for supply chain partners. 

  • Regular certification and verification processes aligned with Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) guidelines.

Facility Engineering and Compliance

  • Commitment to facility engineering that ensures continuous monitoring and adherence to environmental, health, and safety requirements. 

  • In-depth outlines of infrastructure, operational resources, and procedures both within and beyond the facility.

Expressway Inspection
Financial Report

Transparent Annual Operations Reports

  • Paramount commitment to keeping the community well-informed. 

  • Detailed annual operational reports covering plant function, performance metrics, feedstock, output product totals, and storage excesses. 

  • Totalized consumption data for power, water, and other community-provided services.

Public Outreach and Education

  • Dedication beyond reporting, including a public outreach program. 

  • Community education on the facility's significance and functions. 

  • Collaborations with local educational and vocational institutions for a public-private partnership, cultivating skilled human resources.

Female Lecturer
Politician Greeting Children

Proactive Environmental Leadership

  • Owners take a proactive stance on environmental issues beyond direct operations. 

  • Initiatives to elevate community participation and awareness. 

  • Commitment to contribute positively to local environmental and health concerns, showcasing responsibility as corporate citizens and stewards of communities served.

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