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Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance


  • Emissions

    • Estimated: 66 mtpy (pilot)

    • Estimated: 366 mtpy (commercial)

  • No Solid Waste for pilot

  • Minimal waste for commercial

  • Recycling CO

  • Circular Economy

    • Black Mass

Mountain Village
Clapping Audience


  • Future preferred feedstock sources are reviewed by RMI (Responsible Minerals Initiative) 

    • Joint due diligence standard for nickel

  • Traceable Supply Chains

  • Preferred feedstock will be sourced from mines independently audited against the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining. As we are currently under construction, we are not yet sourcing materials. However, it is our intention to transition towards sourcing metals from IRMA audited mines once operational, reflecting our commitment to responsible and sustainable procurement practices from the outset.


  • IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) Compliant

    • Currently, no FEOC (Foreign Entity of Concern) in supply chain

  • Majority Employee Owned

    • Goal to include all future employees as shareholders

Assembly Hall
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