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Introducing Westwin Elements FAQs! Have questions about our revolutionary refining process or our commitment to sustainability? We've got answers! Check out our FAQs and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand and evolve.


What is Westwin Elements?

Introducing Westwin Elements, the pioneering force behind America's first major nickel refinery to solve America’s critical minerals crisis: a crisis of foreign entity of concern dependency, ESG violations, and forecasted global deficits. The carbonyl process, utilized by Westwin, has been in use for more than a century and is a proven, clean process to yield high purity nickel products. By inputting mixed hydroxide precipitate as our preferred feed, we refine high purity nickel metal. Additionally, Westwin's dissolution circuit will allow product optionality by producing nickel sulfate, a salt used in lithium-ion batteries, often used in electric vehicles. ​ We stand as the nation's only refinery dedicated to emphasizing not only excellence in production but a profound commitment to environmental stewardship, community engagement, and national energy independence & security.


Why is Westwin important?

Establishing a nickel refinery in America is crucial for several reasons: Improving Human Rights: Oversees ethical sourcing practices, reducing the risk of abuses in the supply chain. Supply Chain Security: Reduces reliance on imports, ensuring stability for key industries. Economic Growth: Creates jobs, stimulates innovation, and boosts local economies. Environmental Impact: Adheres to strict regulations, promoting sustainability and reducing carbon footprint. Value Addition: Transforms low-value ores into high-quality metals, enhancing manufacturing competitiveness. Strategic Importance: Ensures access to critical materials, maintaining national security.


Are you a mine?

No, Westwin Elements is not a mine. We are America's first major nickel refinery that employs the innovative nickel carbonyl refining process. Our facility specializes in refining raw materials ethically sourced from mines into high-quality, purified metals used in various industrial applications. ​While we do not extract raw materials directly from the earth, we play a crucial role in the refining process, ensuring the production of top-grade nickel products for industries within the US.


Who is funding you?

CCIDA, LEDA, and the City of Lawton have pledged $3 million total to assist with the construction of the demonstration plant. The City is also building public water and sewer lines in the area to service the demonstration plant. Westwin is also being funded by private individual, accredited investors. If Westwin’s demonstration plant does not meet the requirements as outlined in the agreement, they will forfeit the building to the community, through CCIDA and LEDA. That building will be used as a spec building to entice other businesses to come to our community.


Are you smelting?

No, Westwin Elements does not utilize smelting to refine. Instead, we employ the innovative nickel carbonyl refining process, which offers several environmental advantages over traditional smelting methods. Unlike smelting, which involves the high-temperature melting of ores, our refining process operates at significantly lower temperatures, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. ​Furthermore, our refining process is highly efficient and produces no solid or liquid waste. It allows for the extraction of pure metals from raw materials with greater precision, resulting in fewer by-products and pollutants. Additionally, our refinery is equipped with advanced technologies and stringent environmental controls to minimize emissions and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


Is feedstock ethically sourced?

Westwin sources its feedstock responsibly from various suppliers globally, ensuring adherence to ethical and sustainable practices. The preferred feedstock will be sourced from mines independently audited against the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining. As we are currently under construction, we are not yet sourcing materials. However, it is our intention to transition towards sourcing metals from IRMA audited mines once operational, reflecting our commitment to responsible and sustainable procurement practices from the outset. These audits ensure that the minerals we acquire are extracted and processed in a manner that reduces harm, respects human rights, environmental standards, and community well-being. We also ensure that our suppliers meet stringent criteria, including not being majority-owned by foreign entities of concern. Through these partnerships and standards, Westwin maintains a commitment to ethical sourcing while supporting the advancement of responsible mining practices worldwide.


Has the nickel carbonyl process been done before?

While new to the US, the nickel carbonyl process, originally known as the Mond Process, has been utilized for refining nickel since 1890. It's a well-established method that has been used in industrial refining operations around the world. The process has proven to be effective in producing high-purity nickel metal from various nickel-containing materials.


What type of experience does your technical team have?

Our technical team boasts over 200 years of combined experience in the nickel carbonyl process. This extensive expertise encompasses various facets of refining, including process optimization, quality control, and innovation. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the nickel carbonyl process, our team is adept at navigating challenges and ensuring efficient and reliable production of high-purity nickel metal.


What products will be made?

High purity nickel metal/sulfates will help produce the following products: Nickel: Batteries (NiMH and Li-ion) Electric Vehicle Components Aerospace Alloys Powder metallurgy Medical Devices

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