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These refined elements play a vital role in advancing technology, promoting sustainability, and supporting key industries such as energy, transportation, manufacturing and national defense.

Nickel powders of different morphology, composition, and particle sizes can be produced using Westwin’s on-site pilot plant equipment after the commissioning. Many types of powders will be identical to those produced by the carbonyl refineries in Canada and the UK. We understand that a significant number of specialty nickel powders have been withdrawn from the market, providing Westwin with an opportunity to reintroduce to the market as many of these products as demand allows. Furthermore, the pilot plant size allows for planning and execution of batches of production targeted to individual customer needs.


Other products include alloy powder comprising nickel, iron and cobalt in different compositions.

Most of these powders have spherical structures, but it is also possible to produce filamentary alloy

powders. Westwin plans to add alloy powder production equipment to the pilot plant before the

end of 2024.


The carbonyl process can also be used to deposition thin nickel coatings onto carbon fibres and other materials. Westwin pilot plant could be adapted to produce metal-coated products such as nickel-coated carbon, nickel-coated glass, or ceramic powders.

Westwin Elements High purity Ni metal sulphate High purity Co metal  sulphate High purity
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